Renesas offers optimized solutions for factory automation applications that help to pave the path to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Our product portfolio includes industrial motor control ICs, power devices, controllers, and sensors and actuators used for common technology such as in industrial networks, functional safety and security.


1-Phase Power Meter
4-20mA Current Loop System for Industrial Control
4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter
48V Position Control Solution
AC Drive
AC Servo
AC Servo Solution
AI Industrial Robotics and Robotic Communication Solution
AI Vision & Voice Recognition Solution
Air Duct System
Air Quality Monitor (PM2.5) with Secure Cloud Connection
Astronomical Timer
Battery Formation and Testing System
Battery Management System
Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Sensor Network Solution
Body Temperature Measurement in Access Control Systems
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Commercial Smoke Detector
Device Security
Digital IC Burn-in System
Electronic Valve with Flow Meter
Embedded Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for Industrial Use
Environmental Sensor Solutions
Ethernet Switch
Fleet Tracking Solution
Flow Sensor for Industrial Applications
Functional Safety Network with Safety Drive System
Furnace Control
Gas Leak Alarm
Gas Meter
Gas Sensor with Cloud Connection for Industrial Applications
Gigabit Industrial Ethernet System-on-Module (SoM) Solution
Glass Break Detector
High Accuracy Distance Detector for Security Applications
High-Voltage Motor Driver
HMI Solution Board with High-End 32-Bit MCU
Household Smoke Detector
HVAC Air Quality Sensor
HVAC Humidity Sensor
HVAC System Featuring Renesas Synergy™
IEC 61508 Functional Safety Solution
Indoor Air Quality Sensor (IAQ)
Industrial Automation Solution with Industrial Ethernet Module
Industrial Barcode Scanner
Industrial Ether Connectable IoT Sensor Hub
Industrial Ethernet & Fieldbus
Industrial Ethernet Connected Sensor
Industrial Sensor Network Solution
Industrial Sensor Solutions
IO-Link Device Solutions
IO-Link Master Solution
Isolated Multi-Channel Sensing Solution
LoRaWAN®-Based Gas Meter
Mass Flow Controller
Modbus ASCII/RTU Slave Board
Motion Sensor
Motor Control with Resolver Solution
Multi-Channel Temperature Controller, Data Logger
Multi-Purpose Air Quality Sensor Solution
Multi-Sensor Module for Industrial Ethernet
Multi-Sensor Platform for ASi-5
Outdoor Air Quality Sensor (OAQ)
Over-The-Air Update Module for PLC Applications
Peltier Cooler
Power Solution for Smart Power Meter with 4G Module
Precision Industrial Temperature Control
Precision TIG Welding Controller
Pressure Meter, Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transmitter
Programmable Logic Controller
Proximity Sensor
Remote I/O
Remote Monitoring System
ROS-Based Robot Body Controller
RX13T Motor Control
Servo Motor Control for Robot Limbs
Simple Network Management Protocol Card Solution
Single-Channel Temperature Controller
Small Industrial Robot
Smart Asset Tracking Label Smart Asset Tracking Label
Smart Home LPG Cylinder Monitor
Smart Industrial Weight Scale
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Transmitter
Thermoelectric Peltier Controllers
Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor Module
Timing in Digital Oscilloscopes
TMR Sensor-Based Flow Meter
Water Meter
Weigh Scale
Wireless Sensor Hub
Wireless Weight Scale
Wireless Multi-Channel Isolated Data Logger
X-Band Radar


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