Renesas Memory IP provides SRAM and TCAM with various configurations.

Some IPs below are contracted design. Please contact us for detail.

Function IP name Process (or Soft macro) Status Document Inquiry
SRAM, TCAM SRAM: 1WR, 1W1R (2clk), 2WR (2clk) TSMC 40nm Available
(Specification consultation required)
SRAM: 1WR, 1W1R (2clk, 1clk), 2WR (2clk, 1clk), 2W2R (1clk), TCAM TSMC 28nm
SRAM: 1WR, 1W1R (2clk, 1clk), 2WR (2clk), TCAM TSMC 16nm, 12nm
SRAM: 1WR, 1W1R (2clk), TCAM TSMC 7nm
SRAM: 1WR 1.8-3.3V TSMC 40nm Preliminary
(Inquiry required)
SRAM: 1WR, 1W1R (2clk), 2WR (2clk)
Samsung 7nm Under development