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A waterproof self-capacitance solution, using a new feature of CTSU2SL within the latest RX140 MCU, is suitable for implementing capacitive touch keys in space constrained, wet area applications.

By Shun Matsuo, IoT Product Engineer - Dec 5, 2022

Renesas offers a solution that adapts well in remote locations where there is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE access, only a cellular radio using CAT-M1; the inclusion of solar energy harvesting into the design allows for long-term battery life.

By Kevin King, Senior Engineering Manager - Nov 29, 2022

Industry 4.0 is helping to revolutionize the entire automation process. Integration of industrial network including cloud computing and edge AI analytics are reshaping the next generation Industrial Automation designs.

By Kayoko Nemoto, Senior Staff Marketing Specialist - Nov 25, 2022