We invite you to try products from our lineup of motion control MCUs, featuring high-speed processing, large memory capacity, high-temperature operation, and embedded high-function peripheral I/O. Learn Renesas' approach to today's automotive MCUs in non-automotive markets to see how our devices could be used in your next project.

Among the MCUs used mainly by our customers in the automotive field, some products generate queries from other industrial fields. Here, we introduce such products as MCUs for industrial real-time control. These MCUs are recommended for applications that call for high levels of performance and reliability such as agricultural, construction and industrial machinery; ships; railways and other infrastructure systems; robots; space and aircraft; and so on. The MCUs are also ideal for use in systems operating in harsh environments with high and low-temperature atmospheres, as well as systems that must operate stably over a long span of at least 10 years.

Automotive Microcontroller Corresponding Field with Automotive Microcontroller
  Construction, Utility Equipment and Other Engines Service Robot Aerospace*1
If you are using RH850/E1x series, SH7250 series, etc. for engine control with built-in high performance, floating point calculator, etc., please consider it for customers who wish to improve functions and performance.
RH850/E1M-S2 Group - -
RH850/E1L Group - -
SH7254R Group - *2
SH7253 Group - *2
In the automotive field, the RH850/P1x series is mainly used for control inside the vehicle. It can correspond to a wide range of systems as a main microcomputer and sub-microcomputer.
RH850/P1M - *3 -

*1: There are restrictions for space and aviation sectors
*2: For space and aviation sectors, we will expand and market optimal products among each group
*3: For service robots, it is only available as a board