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Ian Dobson, Timing Products Marketing Director

A case for clock fanout buffers vs. single-chip solutions.

Yimu Guo, Timing Product Manager

Nothing beats the test of time and accumulation of predictable data when evaluating sensor performance and stability.

Dave Simpson, Director of Marketing, Industrial Sensors

This blog introduces the industry's first broadly available 15W transmitter and receiver pair with bi-directional data communication capability.

Gopi Akkinepally, Wireless Power Marketing Manager

Steven Lee explains the many benefits of MEMS-based cavity-less liquid & gas sensor solutions.

Steven Lee, Technical Director IoT Sensors Group

With record participation at last week's WPC member meeting and Qi-compliant charging in the new iPhones, wireless charging is truly mainstream.

Laurence McGarry, Product Marketing Director, Wireless Power Division

Gopi explains how the convenience of wireless charging makes it possible to keep his phone battery in the green.

Gopi Akkinepally, Principal Product Manager for Wireless Charging Products

The key element of Renesas' unmatched wireless power success is scalability in areas like power delivery, technology standards, adapter voltages, manufacturing volumes, features, and time-to-market.

Chris Stephens, Vice President & GM - HiRel Business Division

With the market for IoT connectivity continuing to grow at a breakneck pace, it was only a matter of time before an even more efficient and performant Bluetooth® specification would come online.

Mark de Clercq, Director of Low Power Connectivity Business Unit

While the underlying technology is the same, the way beacons and tags are used is quite different, and understanding those differences leads to powerful new applications for consumers.

Erik Peters, Product Marketing Manager