Renesas offers sensor products for light and position sensing as well as sensor signal conditioning (SSC) for automotive applications.

Renesas' automotive optoelectronics product portfolio includes light-to-analog (voltage) sensors and light-to-digital sensors that are ideal for automotive ambient light sensing, backlight and lighting control, and anti-glare mirror systems. Our automotive-grade inductive position sensor ICs can be used in different high-speed motor control applications. We also have best-in-class automotive sensor signal conditioning (SSC) ICs that are optimized to withstand harsh automotive environments that require low supply current.



适用于高速绝对位置传感的感应式位置传感器 IC


Sensor signal conditioner optimized for harsh automotive environments


Light-to-analog and light-to-digital sensors ideal for automotive displays


mmWave automotive radar transceivers ideal for ADAS applications


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Inductive Position Sensing with IPS2550

The IPS2550 is an AEC-Q100 Grade 0 automotive-qualified, inductive position sensor IC can be used for high-speed motor commutation up to 600krpm electrical in the most challenging automotive functional safety-critical applications.