PS2xxx 系列晶体管输出型通用光电耦合器(光耦合器),具有高隔离电压、高温运行能力,符合各种国际安全标准。



包含 GaAs 红外 LED 和 NPN 硅光电晶体管的 AC 输入光电耦合器


AC 输入/达林顿管输出光电耦合器包含两个反向并联连接的 GaAs 红外发光二极管


包含 GaAs 红外 LED 和 NPN 硅光电晶体管的低输入电流光电耦合器


包含 GaAs 红外 LED 和 NPN 硅光电晶体管的 DC 输入光电耦合器


DC 输入/达林顿管输出光电耦合器包含 GaAs 红外 LED 和连接电晶体管的 NPN 硅光达林顿管


高集电极-发射极电压包含 GaAs 红外 LED 和连接电晶体管的 NPN 硅光达林顿管


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Renesas Photocoupler Products

Renesas has a comprehensive lineup of microcontrollers for smart factory, smart infrastructure, and other industrial segments. Photocouplers are components that have the role of transmitting control signals from a microcontroller while protecting people and control systems from the high voltages used in factories and other industrial applications. Renesas offers photocouplers for motor drive, current and voltage protection and communication functions in a variety of packages.