H8/H8S/H8SX IPs make it possible to develop original microcontrollers, which succeed and extend existing H8/H8S/H8SX microcontroller functions and realize more suitable functions for each user. Users can still keep their design properties combining hardware and software, which makes it possible to minimize negative impact from changes in external environment. Among many H8/H8S/H8SX microcontroller products, highly needed functions are ready as IPs. Some packages for various microcomputer functions, including from 64 to 144 pins, are available.

Merits of H8/H8S/H8SX original microcontrollers

  1. Optimization
    • It is possible to merge and reuse plural microcontroller functions including reusage of required number of peripheral functions and integrate external user functions in a single chip, which can standardize parts and reduce number of parts.
    • Microcontroller function can operate without software initialization by adapting and fixing microcontroller functions to each system.
    • Hardware processing can be implemented instead of software processing, improve speed and accuracy etc.
    • Easy board design and commonization can be provided by setting pin allocation.
  2. Keeping design properties
    • Keeping design properties combining hardware and software makes it easy to reuse and export them in different devices, and to use them for a long time.
    • Subset functions, in which needed functions can be picked up, may be used for each system.
  3. Reuse
    • Common development tools with microcontroller products are available.
    • Various software including drivers for microcontroller products can be used, which makes it possible to improve development efficiency.
    • Developed software for microcontroller products are reusable, which makes it possible to keep design quality.
    • Existing assembler program can be processed by same or upward compatible processor IP.
Merits of H8/H8S/H8SX original microcontrollers

Succeeding existing microcontroller product functions

Some packages including CPU and peripheral functions to approximate existing microcontroller products, which are shown in the right, are available. It is also easy to make other approximations by using the packages.

In the packages, internal I/O register addresses and bit assignments are common with the products approximated. ( Some additional registers and bits may exist. ) In most cases where you use the products, you can reuse your software and reproduce the microcomputer functions. The packages support single-chip mode only, and there may be some other differences from the products.

It is possible to modify the packages for other microcomputer functions. A change manual for IPs and subsystems is provided, including methods to change ROM/RAM size, to add peripheral modules, and to approximate other products, which makes it easier to realize microcontroller functions users need, including the modification examples shown in the figure.

Succeeding existing microcontroller product functions

IP Features

  • Users can modify IP internal modules except change-prohibited modules which process instruction execution etc..
  • Design detail documents are provided for each module, which makes it easier to add and modify functions.
  • Peripheral modules are shared among H8/300, H8S and H8SX IPs. Users can use modules that are included in other packages (option).
  • Extension interface provided makes it easy to add more peripheral modules. For example, a 12-axis motor control package is released.
  • Users can implement clock and reset controls for IPs on the outside of IPs. Guidelines to implement them are provided. These make it possible to implement power down state etc. for each system.
  • H8/H8S/H8SX IPs have many product results in various processes including FPGAs. The IPs may operate faster than existing H8/H8S/H8SX microcontroller products.
  • FPGA implementation information (FPGA microcontroller) are delivered.
  • Q&A about license documents and data is available (option).
  • Renesas IP license partners provide supports about consultants and designs etc. to users.

Note: These may depend on IPs and contracts. Modules have been re-designed, so they may have some differences in detailed implementations from existing microcontroller products.

IP Features

Extension interface provided

H8S/2655 approximation package provides extension interface to add more timers etc. for each application. Added modules are also supported by interrupt controller and DTC (Data Transfer controller) in the microcontroller IP. Without changing H8S/2655 approximation package, it is easy to increase number of peripheral function and merge plural microcontroller functions.

Extension interface provided