Decades of RF design experience, coupled with proven mixed-signal IP, means assured performance for custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) developments for your wired or wireless communications systems.

Benefits Over Discrete Design

  • Differentiated Solutions – RF CMOS integration from VHF to mmWave
  • Complete "antenna to bits" solution
  • Complete system line-up – From baseband to converters to RF front-end modules (FEMs)
  • Optimized Performance – ADCs and DACs from MSPS to GSPS
  • Smallest Size – Up to 75% reduction in PCB area
  • IP Protection – Integrate your proprietary IP into silicon making it secure
  • Improved Reliability – Reducing your bill of materials through integration means fewer components to place and thus improved reliability
  • Security of Supply – Ownership of the design gives better security of supply


Custom ASICs ensure the seamless integration of analog and digital subsystems within wired or wireless communications systems. Shrinking communications boards onto a single custom chip and integrating as much as possible onto that chip achieves superior noise performance, cuts front-end power consumption, and significantly reduces variability in radio performance in volume production.

RF SoC Integration


Some examples of recent ASICs developed are shown below. For more information on these ASICs or on an ASIC that meets your application requirements, contact us today.

  • Dual Band Full-duplex Satellite Transceiver ASIC
  • Satellite Modem/Handset ASIC
  • GEO Satellite Modem and AFE ASIC
  • GEO Satellite Digital Baseband ASIC
  • 1st Generation Satellite Modem Chipset
  • Fixed Wireless Access ASIC
  • Digital Beamforming ASIC
  • Broadband Data Communication for WPC and PMA Power Transfer Links


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Custom ASICs: Enabling your product vision