Renesas' biosensors for health and well-being provide data to monitor vital functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate.

These sensors are suitable for use in consumer and mobile devices, like single units with biosensor, microcontroller and display, or placed in a small module wirelessly connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Bio and Light Sensor Module

A brief introduction to Renesas' biosensor module for heart rate, SpO2 and respiration using the highly integrated OB1203 for reflective photoplethysmography, light and color sensing. With the provided algorithm, the solution can determine heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and respiration rate. The sensor transmits its data via an I2C interface to an MCU for data analysis and result display. The evaluation kit also incorporates an RL78/G13 16-bit microcontroller, an ISL9111 high-efficiency synchronous boost converter for battery operation and an OLED display.

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