QE for BLE: Development Assistance Tool for Bluetooth® Low Energy

Updating QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility

1. Prepare for update
2. Update to the latest QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility
3. FAQ

1. Prepare for update

  1. Click [Renesas Views], and then click the [Renesas QE], and then click [R_BLE Custom Profile RA,RE (QE)]menu of e² studio to open the [R_BLE Custom Profile RA,RE (QE)] view.
    * By opening the view, the QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility’s update site is registered in e² studio.

2.Update to the latest QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility

  1. Click [Help], and then click the [Install New Software...] menu to open the [Install] dialog box.

  2. Select following item from the [Work With:] drop-down list.
    [Renesas QE BLE[RA,RE] Utility – http://tool-support.renesas.com/e2studio/qe/blera_util]
  3. Select the [Renesas QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility] check box, and then click [Next>] button.

  4. Confirm that the installation target is correct, and then click the [Next>] button.

  5. After checking the license, select the [I accept the terms of the license agreements] radio button, and then click the [Finish] button.
  6. When a dialog box for selecting a trusted certificate appears, check the displayed certificate, and then click the [OK] button to continue installation.
  7. When prompted to restart e² studio, restart it.

3. FAQ

Refer to following FAQ when update QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility.

  1. Problems occur in Custom Profile and other views after updating QE for BLE[RA,RE] Utility plugins