Renesas Flash Programmer (Programming GUI)

Technical Support

The Renesas Flash Programmer is available for download as free evaluation software.
However, we do not provide technical support for the free version, so will not be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the evaluation software even you send to our technical support center via the Renesas web site.
If you require technical support from us, we recommend that you purchase a software license through one of our sales offices or distributors.

Important : End-of-life (EOL) notice on licenses for Renesas Flash Programmer V2
We ended sales of V2 licenses with the acceptance of final orders at the end of May 2022. If you wish to purchase a license for the Renesas Flash Programmer, we recommend Renesas Flash Programmer V3, which is the successor to V2. We will continue to provide technical support for V2 if you have a license for V3.


Functionality (Supplementary Information)

Serial communications through SEGGER J-Link probes
Renesas Flash Programmer can use certain models of J-Link to provide a serial communication with the boot mode functionality of RA Family MCUs. Please note that this requires certain hardware and firmware support which is not provided by older J-Link models.It may also be necessary to update the firmware in your J-Link unit in order for Renesas Flash Programmer to function correctly. In addition, for this functionality to work, an appropriate debug connection to the target MCU will be required, with MD, TX and RX signals connected.

  • 1. Applicable Versions of J-Link Hardware
    The following table lists the minimum J-Link hardware version needed to support this functionality.
    • J-Link-OB-S124
    • J-Link-OB-RA4M2
    • J-Link BASE V10
    • J-Link PLUS V10
    • J-Link ULTRA+ V4
    • J-Link PRO V4
    • J-Link WiFi V1
    • J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex-M
    • J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex
    • Flasher Compact v5.0


    • Later versions of the above models (e.g. V10 is listed and current HW is V11) will also work. But earlier versions will not work.
      • Models which are not listed here may not provide the required serial communication support.
      • Renesas Flash Programmer only supports communication with J-Link units using a USB connection, not ethernet/wi-fi.
      • When used with J-Link, Renesas Flash Programmer can only select a communication speed of either 9600 bps or 115200 bps. However the actual maximum communication speed that will work will depend on the J-Link model being used.

  • 2. Recommended Firmware
    At the time of writing J-Link v7.64d (2022-05-03) firmware or later is recommended.
    Firmware updates are provided as part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Packs released by SEGGER
    The JLinkConfig utility supplied as part of this pack can be used to check the firmware installed in a J-Link and update if necessary.

  • 3. Suitable Connection for Debugging of Most Target MCUs
    Please note that some older RA Family evaluation boards do not provide such a connection.
Suitable Connection for Debugging of Most Target MCUs (with MD, TX, and RX Signals Connected)