If a Failure Is Suspected

  • Confirm whether the circumstances apply to the product restrictions. Refer to the release notes, tool news, or FAQ for details about the restrictions.
  • Determine whether a failure occurred according to the troubleshooting described in the user's manual for the relevant product.

If you cannot determine whether a failure occurred, contact the seller from which you purchased the product with detailed information about the trouble.

Applicable Products

  • Full-Spec Emulator
  • On-Chip Debugging Emulator (except for the E2 Emulator Lite)
  • Flash Programmer and so on


The following products are outside the scope of inspections and repairs.

  • Development tools treated as consumables (such as converter boards, programming adapters, and tool accessories)
  • Board and kit products such as RSK (Renesas Starter Kits) and RSSK (Renesas Solution Starter Kits) and their attachments

Even applicable products might not be subject to inspection and repair depending on the product, for example, because required components are not available.

Inspection and Repair Period

  • The repair period for the supported products are as follows:
    1. During production
    2. For a period of 3 years after production is ceased.
    3. Note that within the period of 1, and 2, repair may become impossible in cases such as when the parts cannot be obtained.
      For any inquiries regarding repair support for a given product, contact development tools technical support.


List of EOL Products Supported for Repair (June, 2024) (PDF | English, 日本語)

About Inspection and Repair Costs

We accept requests for inspection and repair for applicable products for a fee.


Only an inspection for checking whether the product operates normally is conducted.


After inspection, if it is determined that a failure occurred, a repair is performed.

When you cancel repair after our inspection, only a charge for inspection will be made.


  • For any inquiries about a detailed fee, contact your local Renesas Electronics sales office or distributor.
  • If replacement is cheaper than repair, we might recommend you to buy a replacement.

How to Request Inspection and Repair

Check the chapter of "Maintenance and Warranty" described in the user's manual for the relevant product, and request inspection and repair of the seller from which you purchased the product. The "Repair Request Form" and "Failure Phenomenon Survey" are available for use to make the procedure easier.