Learn how to download and install PowerNavigator, the code-free digital power configuration software.


To get all the benefits with the new PowerNavigator GUI, the first step is to download it. So if you go to the PowerNavigator product page, you'll see a link on the screen to access the software and download it.

The first step in downloading the software is to fill out the registration form. This allows us to notify you of continuous updates and improvements to the software over time.

When you click the download link on the website, a zip file will be loaded to your computer. By extracting the files within this zip file, you'll see a couple different folders and also the PowerNavigator.exe.

By double-clicking on this application program, you will launch the installation process. So let's walk through this and see how this looks. Once you double-click, you'll notice an installation guide comes up, just click "next" to walk through the different screens and the directory will be placed on your system. You can then find the program through the start menu under Start > Programs > Intersil > PowerNavigator.

That completes the installation process. If you have any difficulties during installation of the software, please contact our support team.

In our next series of videos we'll show you exactly the features and benefits of using the PowerNavigator software.