Renesas has invested in key technologies to address the latest trends within the automotive market. Offering both standard and AEC-Q100 qualified products for automotive applications, Renesas' automotive display IC product line is defined by feature-rich, highly integrated semiconductor solutions that incorporate many key function blocks for front console, rear seat entertainment, and rear camera display applications. Renesas has one of the largest portfolios of automotive-grade video semiconductor solutions for automotive display applications. Our mixed-signal ICs for the automotive infotainment markets let you convert analog video signals to digital form and perform advanced digital processing to facilitate the display, storage and transport of video content.



LED backlight drivers for a wide variety of ambient lighting conditions.


Programmable gamma buffers for infotainment, ADAS and instrument cluster displays


Drivers that enable high-resolution automotive head-up displays (HUDs)


Video decoders for detailed, high-quality video around an entire vehicle




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Automotive High-Definition Link (AHL) Video Transmission Technology

Watch the image quality comparison between Automotive High-Definition Link (AHL) and digital video, and find out how AHL technology works.