Renesas 是串行交换器件领域的行业领导者,其产品包括专为要求最严格的应用而优化的 PCI Express® 和 Serial RapidIO® 交换机。 Renesas 是提供交换机、网桥、信号完整性、闪存控制器和计时 PCIe 解决方案的唯一一家“一站式”供应商。 Renesas 还是世界上领先的 Serial RapidIO 交换机和网桥供应商。

此外,Renesas 还支持 PCI、PCI-X 和 VME 等传统总线规范。


2-Wire Bus Buffers

Improve data transmission speed on SMBus or 2-wire serial bus interfaces


用于电力供应、物理数据传输和通信协议处理的 IC

BACnet and LON Industrial Protocols

Programmable, highly integrated transceiver SoCs for Free Topology (FT) networks

Haptic Drivers

Low-power, high-definition haptic drivers for next-gen HMI

IO-Link 线驱动程序

带高压 I/O 通道的紧凑型 IO-Link 线路驱动器

Logic Level Signal Translators

6-channel bidirectional, auto-direction sensing, level translators

Optical Interconnect - General

Ideal for sensors and optical devices with photodiodes

PCI Express® 解决方案

适用于交换机、网桥、信号完整性和计时应用的 PCIe 解决方案

Photocouplers / Optocouplers

Photocouplers for motor drive, current/voltage sensing and communication functions

RS-485, RS-422 & RS-232

低成本的增强型基础 RS-232 和 RS-485/422 收发器

Serial RapidIO® 解决方案

支持每个端口高达 50Gbps 的网桥和交换机产品

Telecom Datacom Products

SLICs, line drivers, controllers, switches, and SerDes devices

USB Switches & Hubs

USB 3.0 compatible controllers and USB 2.0 hosts


实现高性能数据传输的 VME 互连技术


提供超出无源铜电缆解决方案 300% 的范围扩展

光学互连 - 数据通信

适用于数据通信应用的光学互连 IC 解决方案

光学互连 - 电信

光学驱动、互阻抗放大器和重计时器 IC 解决方案


适用于 DIMM、DRAM 和 NAND 内存接口应用的产品




适用于 10Base-T 和 100Base-TX 以太网的经认证的 PHY 解决方案


接入和传输、TDM 交换机和语音处理解决方案

电力线通信 (PLC)



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RapidIO 10xN (Gen 3) Switches by IDT

IDT's RapidIO 10xN (Gen 3) compliant devices offer up to 50Gbps port speeds and 600Gbps non-blocking aggregate bandwidth and are backward compatible with previous generations. At 100ns latency, these switches offer performance to support 4G LTE-Advanced and 5G mobile infrastructure and real-time mobile edge & high performance computing. With superior energy efficiency and fault tolerance the RXS family is also well suited for imaging, aerospace, industrial control, and defense applications. The new family is composed of the RXS2448, with 24 ports and 48 lanes, and the RXS1632, with 16 ports and 32 lanes.

Presented by Trevor Hiatt, Principal Product Manager, Integrated Device Technology, Inc. Learn more at


Hi. I'm Trevor Hiatt, and I'm happy to introduce IDT's next generation RapidIO switches, the RXS family. Supporting the latest 10xN RapidIO standard, these chips are extremely low latency and high bandwidth, and are designed to take on the challenges of the coming 5G mobile network, as well as other compute intensive applications. IDT introduced our prior generation of RapidIO switches in 2010, and since then they've become ubiquitous in communications infrastructure, with virtually every 4G phone call and download around the world going through our chips.

They're also being used for mobile edge and high-performance computing and data analytics. That's because RapidIO delivers the ultra-low latency needed to efficiently move and manage vast volumes of data. With our new family of RapidIO switches, ultra-fast just got a whole lot faster. We're talking about port to port latency approaching 100 nanoseconds, and a flexible non-blocking fabric with switching performance of 600 gigabits per second. That's greater than twice the performance of the prior generation, exceeding the bandwidth requirements of the 10xN standard, and all with better energy efficiency than our prior generation and competing solutions.

In addition to being optimized for 5G infrastructure, the 10xN switches are ideal for 4G LTE-Advanced systems, as well as a wide variety of markets where latency creates a bottleneck to achieving the potential performance of a system. These markets include mobile infrastructure, data center, aerospace, industrial control, and defense. The new family is comprised of the RXS2448, with 24 ports and 48 lanes, and the RXS1632 with 16 ports and 32 lanes. They're backward compatible with existing RapidIO ecosystems, protecting previous hardware and software investments. Leveraging this compatibility can accelerate a product's time to market.

There's lots more information about the RXS switches on the IDT website at Thanks for watching.