The R0K5726B0C000BR is a CPU Board to evaluate function s and performance of the Renesas electronics Corp. RISK microcomputer, SH726B, and to develop and evaluate application software.

Product Information

CPU CPU board part number Memory CPU mounting
SH726B R0K5726B0C000BR
  • SDRAM (16 MB)
  • Serial flash memory (16 MB) × 2


Item Specifications
  • Input (XIN) clock: 12 MH
  • CPU clock (Iφ): Up to 216 MHz
  • Bus clock (Bφ): Up to 72 MHz
  • Peripheral clock (Pφ): Up to 36 MH
  • Peripheral clock (Pφ): Up to 36 MH
    • High-speed on-chip RAM: 64 KB
    • Large-capacity on-chip RAM: 1.25 MB
External memory
  • SDRAM: 16 M
  • Serial flash memory: 16 MB × 2
  • USB connector (series A receptacle): 2
  • SD card slot:
  • LAN connector (RJ-45): 1
  • Serial port connector (D-sub 9-pin): 1
  • CAN port connector (3-pin, pin header): 1
  • Character LCD interface connector (14-pin): 1
  • CD deck connector: 1
  • H-UDI port connector (14-pin): 1
  • Through-holes for expansion connectors: 3
  • Through-holes for RSK-specification common ring connectors: 4
  • Through-holes for RSK-specification application headers: 5
  • Power supply LED: 1
  • User LEDs: 4
  • LAN status LEDs: 3
  • Reset switch: 1
  • User switches: 3
  • Key input switches: 16
  • 150 × 180 mm
  • Mounting form: PCB (4-layer, double-sided)
  • Number of boards: 1
  • CD-ROM (user's manual, installation manual, and sample program)
  • Release notes
  • AC adapter and 4 types of plugs
  • Character LCD

Prepare the following items (not included in this product)

  • SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
  • E10A-USB emulator


This product does not come with any development tools. Before using this CPU board, please prepare the following development tools separately.

  • SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
  • E10A-USB emulator

User's manual

SH726B CPU Board R0K5726B0C000BR User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語)

Board design data other

Please refer to from the download details. (download)

Sample Code

Please refer to from the download details. (download)


  • Serial flash memory can be used as boot memory.
  • A serial port (RS-232C) connector, USB connectors, a CAN connector, and an SD card slot as standard peripheral function interfaces for the SH726B.
  • Audio DAC, audio codecs, and other audio interfaces, a CD deck interface, and a character LCD module connector are installed, so advanced development of an audio system is possible.
  • The USB connectors use the standard series A receptacle. The board pattern also allows for the mounting of a Mini-B receptacle for USB host/function module evaluation.*1
  • A LAN connector is equipped as standard, and software development and evaluation using Ethernet is possible.
  • 16 key input switches (4 × 4 AD inputs) that can be used for user interface are installed as standard.
  • The pins of the built-in peripheral functions of the SH726B connect to Renesas Starter Kit (RSK)-specification common ring connectors and application headers, so users can perform timing evaluations with a peripheral device that uses a measurement device, or develop an expansion board for their development needs.
  • SH726B sample programs*2 and other software and tools necessary for advanced development of software are available.
  • An H-UDI connector (14-pin) is provided to connect the Renesas E10A-USB emulator*3.
    *1. Only USB port 0 can be used as a USB function module. When using as the USB function module, use a commercially available connector converter for series A to B, or remove the series A receptacle and connect the Mini-B receptacle. (When connecting a Mini-B connector, it is also necessary to change the pull-up/down resistance.)
    *2. Sample programs for microcontroller peripheral functions. (SPI multi-I/O bus controller, etc.)
    *3. Sold separately.


类型 日期
PDF 2.93 MB 日文 手册 - 开发工具
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Software title
Software type
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family
C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine Family. Simulator debugger and High-performance Embedded Workshop included.
Compiler/Assembler 瑞萨电子
On-chip debugging emulator for SuperH RISC engine, H8SX and H8S Family.
Emulator 瑞萨电子
2 items


类型 日期
ZIP 1.19 MB 日文 PCB设计文档
ZIP 225 KB 日文 PCB设计文档
PDF 193 KB PCB设计文档
PDF 1.44 MB PCB设计文档
PDF 185 KB PCB设计文档
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文档标题 类型 日期 日期
ZIP 268 KB 日文 样例程序
ZIP 73 KB 日文 样例程序
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