Renesas' Li-ion battery-relevant devices are designed to meet the reliability and performance requirements of portable and battery-powered applications such as consumer products, home appliances, battery backup, and vehicles.

Renesas' chargers address the needs of handheld devices, mobile internet devices (MIDs), laptops, power tools, and many others. This is accomplished with fully integrated solutions for compact applications and with charge controllers for higher power applications.

For automotive products, please see Automotive Battery Management.


Battery Front End ICs

Battery front ends for BMS protection, monitoring and balancing requirements

Battery Fuel Gauge ICs

Single-package solution for battery management systems that monitors battery state

Multi-Cell Battery Charging

Battery charger ICs for devices with rechargeable 2, 3 or 4-cell batteries

Single-Cell Battery Charging

Charger ICs that extend the life of Li-ion, Li-polymer, and LiFePO4 batteries

USB Battery Charging Identification ICs

USB devices combining high-speed USB switches & USB host charger identification


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RAA48920x Multi-Cell Battery Front End Family

An overview of how the Renesas multi-cell battery front devices streamline development for high-cell count, high-voltage systems with flexible cell balancing and lower system costs. Visit for more details.