Renesas' Wi-Fi connectivity technologies deliver end-to-end connectivity solutions for both clients and access points addressing IoT, infrastructure, industrial, automotive, multimedia applications and more.

Our ultra-low power Wi-Fi solutions are designed for IoT applications where extended battery life, high RF performance, robust security and ease of application development are key market needs. We are also an innovative leader in hardware and software technologies and offer a broad range of Wi-Fi generations. Our rich Wi-Fi portfolio includes highly integrated Wi-Fi 4, 5, 6 chip solutions including the new 6GHz extension "6E".


Low Power Wi-Fi

Ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoCs and modules

Wi-Fi 6/6E Networking

802.11ax R2 chip family employing concurrent dual-band operation

Wi-Fi 5 Networking

802.11ac Wave 2 chip family


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