Timing Commander™ 是一个基于 Windows™ 的创新软件平台,通过这个平台,系统设计工程师可以通过直观且灵活的图形用户界面 (GUI) 对精密的计时设备进行配置、编程和监控。 借助该支持工具,客户可以缩短开发周期,对瑞萨电子先进的定时解决方案进行优化配置。

Timing Commander 平台旨在为各种瑞萨电子产品和产品系列提供人性化配置界面,即所谓的个性。 只需几下简单的点击,用户就能看到一个综合型互动式框图,这个框图为用户提供修改所需输入值、输出值和其他配置设置的功能。 该软件会自动进行计算,报告状态监控结果并且准备好寄存器设置,无需引用数据表。 这个工具还能通过 USB 自动加载配置设置至瑞萨电子评估板电路,从而支持直接电路应用。 设备经配置和调整获得最佳系统性能后,可以保存配置文件作为装运前的工厂级编程。


Timing Commander 产品个性文件可从针对您设备的产品页面下载。 在搜索栏中键入您的产品编号以查找产品页面。 文件下载位于该页面的"文档与下载"部分。


  • 数十种常用定时产品提供支持
  • 可点击切换参数的交互式框图
  • 软件提供字段的详细信息,无须参考数据表
  • 使用分数输入语法,避免了无限小数问题。
  • 可保护设定的输入字段
  • 直接查看并单独或集体修改寄存器设置
  • 与设备相关的高级功能包括生成相位噪声图、生成原理图符号和终止电路以及计算功耗的能力


Timing Commander 系统要求:

  • Windows XP SP3 或更高版本
  • 处理器:最低 1GHz
  • 内存:最低 512MB,推荐 1GB
  • 可用磁盘空间:最小 600MB(1.5GB 64 位),建议 1GB(2GB 64 位)
  • 如果系统当前尚未安装 .NET Framework 和 SQL Compact,则在安装期间进行网络访问。
  • Windows 安装软件的管理权限。
  • USB 2.0 接口。 评估板 USB 模块与 USB 3.0 不兼容。 硬件驱动程序会在 Timing Commander 安装过程中自动安装。



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IDT Timing Commander™ Software Overview


IDT's innovative support tool, Timing Commander™, expedites development cycles by empowering customers to program sophisticated timing devices with an intuitive and flexible Graphical User Interface. IDT's Timing Commander is a Windows™-based platform designed to serve user-friendly configuration interfaces, known as personalities, for various IDT products and product families. With a few simple clicks, the user is presented with a comprehensive, interactive block diagram offering the ability to modify desired input values, output values, and other configuration settings. The software automatically makes calculations, reports status monitors, and prepares register settings without the need to reference a datasheet. The tool also automatically loads the configuration settings over USB to an IDT evaluation board for immediate application in the circuit. Once the device has been configured and tuned for optimal system performance, the configuration file can be saved for factory-level programming before shipment. For more information about Timing Commander, visit our Timing Commander page.



Narrator: In a data driven world, timing is everything. That's why more and more system design engineers are using products from the world leader in silicon timing, IDT. IDT has earned its reputation for excellence by providing a wide range of leading technologies for wireless and wired communications infrastructure, high performance computing, and advanced power management.

And with a product portfolio 10 times greater than the competition, IDT is uniquely qualified to be your one-stop-shop for timing solutions. IDT's innovative Windows-based software platform, Timing Commander, makes it easy to configure, program, and monitor all your sophisticated timing devices.

Steven: What's great about IDT's Timing Commander is that it helps you avoid tedious manageable configurations so you can focus on other areas of your design.

Narrator: IDT's Timing Commander serves up intuitive configuration interfaces or personalities for all of IDT's programmable timing products. With a few simple clicks, you can generate a comprehensive, interactive block diagram and modified desired input values, output values, and other configuration settings. The software also writes your settings over USB to an IDT evaluation board for immediate application in the circuit. It really is as easy as one, two, three.

Steven: The Timing Commander software automatically makes calculations, monitors status, and prepares register settings so you don't have to reference a data sheet. Built-in documentation is readily available. Just hover over a setting, and real time validation ensures that the configuration complies with data sheet specifications. Whether you're a first time user or an experienced engineer, Timing Commander offers you the right amount of control.

Narrator: To help you program complex devices more intuitively, Timing Commander's advanced features include the ability to create phase noise estimates, generate the schematic symbol and termination circuit and determine the optimal balance between performance and power consumption.

Steven: Once your devices are configured and tuned for optimal system performance, you can save the configuration files for factory-level programming prior to shipment.

Narrator: Timing Commander is just one example of the innovative timing solutions IDT delivers.

Peter: From simple fanout buffers and multiplexers to fully featured products like universal frequency translators, network synchronization devices, and VersaClock families, IDT has a wide range of products optimized for specific applications. You can also count on IDT for the lowest jitter and lowest power features to help you build the world class products your customers demand.

Narrator: It's time to put IDT timing solutions to work for your business, and with the power of Timing Commander software, it's easier than ever. To learn more, visit IDT online or give us a call today.