Renesas provides IP products of H8, H8S and H8SX which are used by many customers for years.
Hereafter, they are available for your suitable device, such as FPGA or ASIC.

  • H8, H8S, H8SX family CPUs (except H8/500 CPU) have compatibility on an object level.
  • 8-bit (H8/300), 16-bit (H8S), 32-bit (H8SX) IPs are lined up as IP products.
  • Please select H8S IP in place of H8/H8S 16-bit microcontroller products including H8/300H.
  • Please select H8/300 IP in place of H8 8-bit microcontroller products. If emulators (E10A-USB) are to be used, please select H8S IP.

About IPs, see here.

H8/H8S/H8SX Compatibility

upward-compatible on an object level



CPU Bit Size General
Control Registers Basic
Minimum States
Of Instruction
H8SX 32-bit 16-bit×16 PC, CCR, EXR, VBR, SBR, MAC 87 11 1
H8S H8S/2600 16-bit PC, CCR, EXR, MAC 69 8
H8S/2000 PC, CCR, EXR 65
H8 H8/300H PC, CCR 62 2
H8/300 8-bit 8-bit×16 57
H8/300L 55