Discover the RL78 microcomputer with valuable information that's perfect for beginners. Renesas offers an affordable, user-friendly development environment for RL78, making it easy to build your own system. Plus, you can connect with other developers and share information on the user community site.

Taisei Kurokawa, Application Engineer

This is the 2nd blog about the Cortex-M85 core, which explains the AI solutions that were presented at Embedded World and the results from them.

Eldar Sido, AI Technical Marketing

This is the first in a 2 series blog that discusses the cortex M85 core and Helium-MVE technology that leads to a significant uplift in AI & DSP use cases over other Cortex-M cores.

Eldar Sido, AI Technical Marketing

The market demand for online software updates has been growing year by year, but barriers to adoption are hindering its widespread use. In this article, we introduce a new tool that can help overcome these challenges.

Koji Maruno, Principal Software Engineer

Renesas aims to develop and provide applications using low-code/no-code for 32-bit MCU RX. In this blog, we introduce ways to enhance the security of IoT devices.

Hiroki Ishiguro, Senior Principal Engineer

本资料针对RX MCU硬件手册中的常见问题提供相应的说明,帮助您更好地了解硬件手册。

Kenji Ozeki, IoT Product Marketing


Naoyuki Tsubaki, Product Marketing

本系列将分期介绍瑞萨开发出品的32位MCU RX软件组的历史和前景,这一软件组旨在实现低代码和无代码开发应用程序。

Hiroki Ishiguro, Senior Principal Engineer

Renesas low-power microcontroller, the RL78/G22, has achieved the world's highest ULPMark™-PP score!

Masashi Takemura, Staff Application Engineer

Renesas RA and RX MCUs offer a comprehensive ecosystem enabling users to effortlessly connect to their preferred cloud services.

Sree Amirapu, Staff Technology Engineer