The e-AI Translator V3.0.0 has been released. This release supports the 3D shape function and RNN function used in signal processing and regression models.

Toshiyuki Syo, Principal Application Engineer

在RX家族入门级单片机中首次搭载CAN控制器。 可降低与CAN总线连接的应用程序的功耗和成本。

Shun Matsuo, IoT Product Engineer

本系列将分期介绍瑞萨RX 32位MCU软件组的历史和前景,这一软件组旨在实现低代码和无代码开发应用程序。第九期将介绍物联网设备的最新配置方式。

Hiroki Ishiguro, Sr Principal Software Engineer

An overview of key use cases for RA4T1 and RA6T3 motor control MCUs that enable both high-efficiency and miniaturization of motor applications.

Takeo Mimura, Senior Staff Engineer

Using the RL78/G23 microcontroller and the RL78 Fast Prototyping Board, we will create a mole-catching game to showcase how smoothly the development process can go.

Sota Shinohara, Application Engineer

Blog discussing major trends in air quality monitoring and the sensor technology needed to meet various standards.

DK Singh, VP, Technical System & Solutions Marketing, Global Sales & Marketing Unit

MPU Guide app allows you to find out the best matching product from our RZ microprocessors product family and access our RZ MPU community from your smartphone.

Alexandre Delarge, Senior Staff, MPU Product Marketing

The advanced features of the ZSSC3241 SSC enable using the bridge sensor as a thermometer for temperature compensation.

David Grice, Sr. Staff Engineer, Technical/Product Marketing

物联网设备的工业网络非常多样化。 瑞萨电子为高性能 MCU、A&P 产品组合、SW 平台和驱动工业 4.0 的工具提供全面的解决方案。

Kayoko Nemoto, Senior Staff Marketing Specialist

Power modules have been a great option for engineers for many years and through technological advances, suppliers are increasing their benefits in terms of size, ease-of-use and flexibility.

Jeffrey Sherman, Senior Manager, Product Marketing and Applications, Power Module Product Line