There are a variety of standard wireless communications technologies used for communications and to connect IoT devices. In addition to Bluetooth® and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), cellular wireless connectivity based on the 3GPP LTE standard along with Wi-Fi and ultra-wideband (UWB) solutions provide additional short-range communication technology options.

Renesas has developed microcontroller-based Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy devices since the standards were established and continues deploying new communication options and technologies. Several MCUs are available in chipset and complete certified module versions, including RL78/G1D, RX23W and RA4W1, as well as the RYZ014A cellular IoT module.

Wireless Communications Technology Solutions

Matter is a single unified IP-based protocol to securely and robustly connect smart devices with each other, regardless of brand, and across smart home ecosystems. Renesas' Matter component is an integral part of the company's vision for a connected home, and it will be supported by all of Renesas' connectivity products.

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Bluetooth® Low Energy

Power efficient, low cost Bluetooth low energy solutions

Cellular IoT Modules

Directly connect to the internet without the need for a gateway


IC solutions for worldwide DECT 1.9 GHz interference free frequency bands


Ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoCs/modules and Wi-Fi 5/6/6E networking products

Wireless Audio

Low-latency hi-fi audio devices

无线基带调制解调器 (RapidWave™)

适用于毫米波 (mmWave) 应用的基带调制解调器解决方案


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