Renesas RZ 生态系统聚集全球合作伙伴,为您的人工智能、人机接口和工业网络应用程序设计提供支持。 每个合作伙伴的构建块解决方案都带有“RZ Ready”标识,旨在解决现实的客户问题。 我们的解决方案和设计工具可以帮助您快速进入市场,并运用技术解决您的性能和安全挑战。 在以下类别中探索广泛的合作伙伴及其解决方案。

Renesas RZ Ready
[RZ/V MPU] Computermind DeepEye AI Model
Based on 30 years of software development experience, DeepEye is a software developed by combining advanced technologies such as machine learning, and even engineers without AI development experience can easily deploy AI models.
[RZ/V MPU] Edge Impulse Studio Support for RZ/V2L and DRP-AI
Edge Impulse Studio and APIs enable easy data collection and transformation, training, testing, verification, and deployment of ML models for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.
[RZ/V MPU] FPT NextDrive DMS
NextDrive DMS is a driver monitoring system that utilizes the AI algorithm developed in-house, and the primary functions of NextDrive including identifying the driver profile, detecting the driver's drowsiness status, dangerous or distracted behaviors, as well as reporting a vehicle's route or unusual events in real time on the cloud.
[RZ/V MPU] IoT83 Smart Edge/Smart Cloud Convergence
IoT83 has developed this cloud-based platform that helps create end-to-end Vision AI applications and load models to RZ/V series MPUs in the Renesas Virtual Lab, for detailed real-world validation of the Vision AI models.
[RZ/V MPU] Irida Labs Vision AI Platform is an RZ/V-compatible, end-to-end software and services platform that brings together all the building blocks necessary for deploying and scaling computer vision-based AIoT sensors and solutions.
[RZ/V MPU] Irida Labs Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces
This Vision AI Sensor accelerated by RZ/V2L is a plug-n-play Edge AI hardware and software solution for smart cities and spaces that drives the new era in urban area management.
[RZ/G, RZ/V MPU] MistyWest RZ/G2L & RZ/V2L SOM
Designed with low power industrial applications in mind, MistySOM enables efficient and flexible development of embedded systems using the RZ/G2L MPU, and the pin-compatible RZ/V2L MPU.
[RZ/V MPU] MSR Intruder Vehicle Detection
MSR Intruder Vehicle Detection provides automatic monitoring of vehicle intrusion into restricted areas such as factories, ports, and private property.
[RZ/A MPU] MSR Meter Reading Solutions
Automatic reading of measurement data from legacy equipment that is not connected to a network.
[RZ/V MPU] Morpho Fast AI Inference Engine SoftNeuro®
“SoftNeuro®” is one of the world’s fastest deep learning inference engines, which operates in RZ family environments, utilizing learning results that are obtained through major deep learning frameworks.
[RZ/V MPU] Morpho Mimamori AI: Duranta
“Mimamori AI: Duranta” is an image analysis AI solution utilizing surveillance camera images to provide a cutting-edge AI solution to ensure safety and security.
Nota AI NetsPresso
Nota AI's NetsPresso is a hardware-aware AI model optimization platform that empowers developers to build, optimize, and deploy lightweight AI models.
Nota DMS (Driver Monitoring System) is an in-cabin safety solution powered by NPU-compatible technology and built upon NetsPresso®.
[RZ/V MPU] Novotech Ariaboard-RZ/V2M
The Ariaboard-RZ/V2M is a System on module (SoM) for mass production that is equipped with Renesas’ DRP-AI technology embedded in an RZ/V2M MPU.
AI N-shot can automatically read measuring instruments in various equipment and increases the efficiency of inspection work with an improved level of accuracy and working speed.
[RZ/V MPU] NSW CrackVision Light
CrackVision Light is the solution for estimating cracks in the concrete of a structural object.
[RZ/V MPU] NSW Custom Vision Service
Custom Vision Service is a solution that loads a customer’s inference result into RZ/V2M, generated by Microsoft®Azure.
[RZ/V MPU] QuEST Global: DRP-AI Service Delivery Partner
Renesas' QuEST Global partnership allows our experts to leverage the power of the RZ MPU’s advanced AI platform to create next-gen solutions in vision, speech, and time series for our customers.
[RZ/V MPU] QuEST Smart Helmet AI Reference Solution
To showcase the AI capability of RZ/V2M in a platform, Quest Global developed a “Smart Helmet” PoC solution that can conduct object detection on the road.
[RZ/V MPU] SYNTIANT Multimodal (Vision+Voice) AI Solution
Advanced voice and image processing capabilities at the edge are provided through a unique combination of low power, multimodal, multi-feature AI inference capabilities.
[RZ/V MPU] TCS Self Check-Out Theft Prevention Solution
Self Check-Out (SCO) theft prevention solution that uses motion detection and human pose detection to detect and prevent non-payment and failure to scan products correctly.
[RZ/V MPU] tiwaki AI++
tiwaki’s original computer vision technology and edge AI solution-oriented technology.
[RZ/G MPU] AMEC Open Standard Module (OSM)
AMEC Sparrow-820 is designed by the specification of Open Standard Module (OSM) V1.1 to provide a compact system-on-module (SoM) solution based on Renesas' high-performance RZ/G2L processor.
[RZ/A Series] AP Memory Octal SPI PSRAM Solutions
The AP Memory OctaI PSRAM product family supports high bandwidth with low pin count, low power consumption, and cost-effective external memory, suitable for the RZ MPU family.
[RZ/Five MPU] Aries FIVEBerry
The FIVEberry baseboard is built around the MSRZFive system-on-module (SoM) to support a smooth start-up with the Renesas RZ/Five CPU architecture.
The MRZG2LS is a SMARC v2.1 compliant system-on-module developed based on Renesas RZ Family architecture offering high-performance for embedded systems.
The MRZV2LS is a SMARC v2.1 compliant system-on-module (SoM) developed based on Renesas RZ Family architecture offering high performance for embedded systems.
The MSRZG2UL is an Open Standard Module compliant System-in-Package (SiP) based on Renesas RZ Family architecture offering a high-performance Cortex-A55/Cortex-M33 core.
[RZ/V MPU] Avnet RZBoard V2L
The Avnet RZBoard V2L is a power-efficient, vision-AI accelerated development board, optimized for AI/ML applications.
[RZ Family] Calixto VERSA SoM
Calixto Systems' RZ/G2L and RZ/V2L VERSA System-On-Modules (SoM) include DDR4 RAM, eMMC, Gigabit Ethernet PHY, and PMIC with RTC.
GR-MANGO is equipped with an RZ/A2M MPU, which delivers image processing performance 10 times faster than the CPU and strongly accelerates AI processing.
[RZ/N MPU] Emtrion emSBC-RZ/N1D
The emSBC-RZ/N1D is a single board computer embedded with an R9A06G032 (dual Cortex®-A7 and Cortex-M3) for your growing requirements in industrial communication.
[RZ/G MPU] Engicam i.Core RZ/G2E
i.Core RZ/G2E comes in a flexible small SODIMM form factor, providing a powerful solution suitable for low power consumption fanless applications with high-end graphics performances.
[RZ/G MPU] Geniatech RS-G2L100
The Geniatech AHAURA RS-G2L100 includes a high-performance 64-bit dual-core (Cortex®-A55) processor - RZ/G2L, HDMI out display support at resolutions up to 1080P, hardware video decodes up to 1080P, up to 4GB of RAM, dual-band 2.4GHz/5.0GHz wireless LAN, Bluetooth® (Bluetooth 5.1 compliant Bluetooth Low Energy) two Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 2.0 and LTE Cat-M1, and more.
[RZ Family] iWave OSM LGA Module
The Renesas RZ/G2UL, RZ/A3UL, or RZ/Five MPU-based LGA modules are designed based on the Open Standard Module™ Size-M Specification (OSM).
[RZ/G MPU] Ka-Ro TX Modules TXRZ-G2L0 / TXRZ-G2L1
The TXRZ with RZ/G2L microprocessor is one of the TX module series that are complete computers, implemented on a board smaller than a credit card, and ready to be designed into your embedded system.
[RZ/A MPU] M13 RZA2M-EK Evaluation Board
The M13-RZA2M-EK is a complete evaluation and development hardware platform for the Renesas-based RZ/A2M Cortex®-A9 R7S921058VCBG microprocessor including a wide range of features such as Ethernet, audio codec, and many more.
[RZ/G, RZ/V MPU] Micron NOR. DDR4 and eMMC
Micron provides intelligent choices for your industrial designs that deliver lower product lifecycle cost, lower total cost of ownership and faster time to market.
[RZ/G, RZ/V MPU] MistyWest RZ/G2L & RZ/V2L SOM
Designed with low power industrial applications in mind, MistySOM enables efficient and flexible development of embedded systems using the RZ/G2L MPU, and the pin-compatible RZ/V2L MPU.
[RZ/G MPU] MYIR RZ/G2L High-Performance SoM
The RZ/G2L high-performance system-on-module (SoM) is equipped with the Renesas high-performance and cost-effective RZ/G2L processor, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
Novasom SMARC-RZG2E is a family of SMARC 2.0 SoMs specifically developed for the IoT and smart devices markets, requiring ultra-low power and industrial high-quality level.
The RZSBC G2L is an ideal platform for software development and evaluation of the RZ/G2L multicore processor family.
[RZ/G MPU] NTX Embedded Spada Series
Spada is a versatile HMI platform featuring pre-developed building blocks, customizable to meet application needs, optimize performance, and match the client's cost requirements.
[RZ/G MPU] Reloc Single Board Computer
RB-RZLC and RB-RZUL are compact single board computers (SBCs) based on Renesas' RZ/G2LC and RZ/G2UL microprocessors.
[RZ/G MPU] RelySys SMARC SoM Module
RelySys' SMARC 2.0 compliant module is based on Renesas' RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M, and RZ/G2N processors.
The RNX-RZA3UL-OSM is a solderable system-on-module (SoM) based on the Renesas RZ/A3UL 64-bit MPU.
The RNX-RZFIVE-OSM is a solderable system-on-module (SoM) based on the Renesas RZ/Five 64-bit MPU.
The RNX-RZG2UL-OSM is a solderable system-on-module (SoM) based on the Renesas RZ/G2UL 64-bit MPU.
[RZ/V MPU] Scalys Cybersecure Platform
Scalys’ hardware-hardened TrustSys RZ/V2L solution with DRP-AI accelerator secures local artificial intelligence (AI) driven data processing by running applications in a tamper-proof, trusted environment and protects companies from cyber threats.
[RZ/G MPU] SolidRun System On Module (SoM)
The SolidRun RZ/G2LC SoM leverages the performance and flexibility of Renesas' RZ/G2LC 64-bit microprocessor.
[RZ/G MPU] SoMLabs VisionSOM-G2L
The VisionSOM-G2L is a small, energy-efficient system-on-module (SoM) equipped with a dual core, heterogeneous RZ/G2L MPU.
[RZ/V MPU] SoMLabs VisionSOM-V2L
The VisionSOM-V2L is a small, energy-efficient system-on-module (SoM) equipped with a dual core, heterogeneous RZ/V2L MPU with hardware AI accelerator.
[RZ/V MPU] Vekatech VK-RZ/V2L
VK-RZ/V2L is built for industrial use and is compatible with Raspberry Pi® 4 shields for convenient AI integration.
[RZ Family] Winbond DRAM & Flash Solutions
Winbond provides a total memory solution including NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and DRAM suitable for the RZ MPU family that requires external memory.
[RZ/G MPU] Silex Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Combo Module
This product is a tri-band wireless LAN combo module dedicated to Renesas RZ/G2E MPU that supports the new wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6/Wi-Fi 6E), and Bluetooth® v5.2.
[RZ Family] Aurora PCB Verification Services
Based on Aurora’s proprietary SI/PI verification platform that incorporates the industrial leading-edge simulation softwares, our service ensures simulation accuracy and fast turn-around time.
[RZ/A MPU] L&T Pouch Inspection
Pouch Inspection solution uses the RZ/A2M MPU equipped with DRP technology that can dramatically accelerate image processing algorithms to create an ultra-low power, highly-efficient, cost-effective solution.
[RZ/G, RZ/V MPU] MistyWest Development Services
MistyWest has created SOMs and SOM carrier boards for the RZ/G2L and RZ/V2L MPUs, enabling us to rapidly develop fully custom solutions based on these MPUs and others in the RZ family.
[RZ/N MPU] Utthunga BACnet Software Development Service
BACnet™ protocol is an open, standard data communication protocol intended for building based services, and devices for the interoperability in building automation ecosystem.
[RZ/G MPU] ENEA Linux Services
Customize Linux distributions with the set of packages (and specific versions) that your application requires, and tune it for performance improvements.
Storyboard provides an embedded GUI development framework for the creation and refinement of HMI applications targeted at providing exceptional user experiences.
MicroEJ speeds up specifications and code development; and accelerates time-to-market by simplifying the software development process with simulation and virtualization.
[RZ/T, RZ/N MPU] Port GOAL Real-Time Communication
Renesas RZ/N and RZ/T Family microprocessors with port’s GOAL technology deliver the perfect way to successfully integrate real-time communication.
[RZ/G MPU] Qt Design Studio
Qt Design Studio is an easy-to-use 3D-capable design tool that bridges the gap between design and development.
[RZ/G MPU] Qt Device Creation
Develop a single cross-platform code base using one integrated toolset and target embedded, desktop, and mobile platforms.
[RZ/T MPU] Sherpa Industrial Ethernet
Utilizing the 2 CPU configuration of the RZ/T1 MPU, it is possible to run the communication stack program on the M3 side and the application on the R4 side.
[RZ/G MPU] TMC WDR Converter Software
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a technology used to retouch/correct SDR images in high-contrast scenes, without generating blackouts and whiteouts.
[RZ/A MPU] TMC DRP Compliant H.264 Codec
TMC's H.264 codec based on its original algorithm "DMNA" features high image quality and low CPU load.
TMC ZoomVoice Software
ZoomVoice software enables emphasizing a voice from target direction and suppressing ambient noises.
[RZ/T, RZ/N MPU] TMGTE Protocol Stacks and Gateway Solutions
Easy and fast integration is possible in TMGTE protocol stacks for PROFINET IO devices, EtherNet/IP adapters, and IO-Link masters as well as gateway solutions by using RZ/N1 and RZ/T1.
[RZ/A MPU] TES Guiliani GUI Framework
Guiliani is a modern and powerful C++ software for creating stylish Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) on a wide range of embedded hardware such as the RZ/A family.
wolfSSL 嵌入式 SSL/TLS 库
wolfSSL 库可为嵌入式系统和物联网设备提供网络安全保障,其轻量级和紧凑型设计可满足严格的资源要求,其集成功能可充分利用 MCU 和 MPU 的硬件功能。
wolfSSH Lightweight SSH Library
The wolfSSH library is a lightweight SSHv2 client and server library written in ANSI C and targeted for embedded, RTOS, and resource-constrained environments.
wolfSSL wolfBoot Bootloader
wolfBoot will secure your device boot process against malicious attacks that seek to replace your firmware and take control of your device and/or steal its data.
[RZ/A, RZ/G, RZ/T, RZ/N MPU] Ubiquitous DeviceSQL
Ubiquitous DeviceSQL is specially designed for embedded devices and is based on the world‘s smallest stream-based data management technologies.
[RZ/G MPU] Ubiquitous QuickBoot
Ubiquitous‘ QuickBoot can boot any device based on Renesas RZ/G1 and RZ/G2 in seconds - no more waiting.
[RZ/G MPU] Ubiquitous DTCP
Ubiquitous DTCP is a software development kit (SDK) for developing networked devices compatible with content protection by DTCP.
[RZ/A MPU] Microsoft Azure RTOS
Azure RTOS is an embedded development suite including the small, but powerful ThreadX operating system that provides reliable, ultra-fast performance for resource-constrained devices.
GHS µ-velOSity RTOS
The µ-velOSity™ RTOS is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of real-time operating systems.
Zephyr RTOS
The Zephyr Project is a Linux Foundation hosted Collaboration Project.
[RZ/G MPU] eForce μC3+Linux
The uC3+Linux can achieve a coexistence of Linux with RTOS on the RZ/G. It also provides the communication capability between them.
[RZ/G MPU] Altia GUI Solutions for RZ/G2L
Altia offers software and services for delivering an optimized UX and beautiful, high-performance graphics for production embedded displays.
[RZ/A MPU] Arm Development Studio
Designed specifically for the Arm architecture, Development Studio is the most comprehensive embedded C/C++ dedicated software development solution on the market.
GUI debugger for advice series and enhancing basic functions meet the demands of software development in the increasingly sophisticated and diverse embedded products marketplace.
IAR Embedded Workbench
IAR Embedded Workbench 是一个完整的开发工具链,在易于使用的集成开发环境中提供强大的代码优化和全面的调试功能。
[RZ Family] TRACE32® Debug- and Trace-Tools for RZ
Lauterbach TRACE32® tools are a suite of leading-edge hardware and software components that enables you to analyze, optimize and certify all kinds of embedded systems.
[RZ/A, RZ/T, RZ/N MPU] SEGGER J-Link/J-Trace/Flasher
SEGGER's J-Link debug probes, J-Trace PRO streaming trace solution, and in-circuit Flash programmers are the ideal solutions for Renesas' RZ MPU Family.