Renesas offers a variety of easy-to-use boards for evaluation of MCU and MPU products targeted at kick starting your development project.

  • Starter Kits
    Starter kits offer a user-friendly development environment for evaluation, allowing you to start coding, debugging, and evaluating solutions immediately out of the box using the emulator and integrated development environment included in the kit.
  • Evaluation Kits
    Evaluation kits allow you to evaluate product performance or featured product functions for introductory use.
  • Development Kits
    Development Kits provide the resources to evaluate advanced features and functions, while reference kits target specific functions for a particular final product or application.
  • Demonstration Kits
    Demonstration kits are evaluation and demonstration tools for Renesas products with the goal of providing you with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications.
  • Reference Kits
    Reference kits can support you to evaluate specified functions for the particular final products/applications.

Boards & Kits List

Product ID 文档标题 类型 公司
BATTERY-FUEL-GAUGE-IC-STARTER-KIT Starter Kit for Battery Fuel Gauge IC 入门 Renesas
EC-1-Starter-Kit Kick-Start Kit for EC-1 入门 Renesas
Ethernet-USB-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit Ethernet and USB Application Board 入门 Renesas
H8/38347-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8/38347 入门 Renesas
H8S/2215R-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8S/2215R 入门 Renesas
H8S/2456R-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8S/2456R 入门 Renesas
H8S/2472-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8S/2472 入门 Renesas
H8SX/1582-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1582 入门 Renesas
H8SX/1622F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1622F 入门 Renesas
H8SX/1648F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1648F 入门 Renesas
H8SX/1664F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1664F 入门 Renesas
H8SX/1668-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1668 入门 Renesas
ICS-Low-Voltage-Motor-Control Low Voltage Motor Control Evaluation System Variable Waveform Display Tool 入门 Renesas
MIKROE-4350 RA4M1 Clicker - RA4M1 MCU Group Compact Starter Board 入门 MikroElektronika
P9222-R-EVK Wireless Power Receiver Solution for Low Power Applications 入门 Renesas
R-IN32M4-CL3-KickStart-Kit R-IN32M4-CL3 KickStart Kit From IAR Systems 入门 IAR Systems
R8C/2F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for R8C/2F 入门 Renesas
R8C/L3AC-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for R8C/L3AC 入门 Renesas
R8C/M12A-Promotional-Board Renesas Promotional Board for R8C/M12A 入门 Renesas
RL78/G13-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/G13 入门 Renesas
RL78/G14-Low-Voltage-Motor-Control Low Voltage Motor Control Evaluation System with RL78/G14 入门 Renesas
RL78/G14-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/G14 入门 Renesas
RL78/G1C-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/G1C 入门 Renesas
RL78/G1G-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/G1G 入门 Renesas
RL78/L12-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/L12 入门 Renesas
RL78/L13-Starter-kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/L13 入门 Renesas
RL78/L1C-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/L1C 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX111 Renesas Starter Kit for RX111 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX140 Renesas Starter Kit for RX140 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX231 瑞萨电子 RX231 入门套件 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX23T Renesas Starter Kit for RX23T 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX23W Renesas Solution Starter Kit for RX23W 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX24T Renesas Starter Kit for RX24T 入门 Renesas
RSK-RX24U Renesas Starter Kit for RX24U 入门 Renesas
RTK0EG0003S02001BJ Capacitive Touch Evaluation System for RX130 入门 Renesas
RTK0EM0006S01212BJ 24V Motor Control Evaluation System for RX23T 入门 Renesas
RTK0EM00F0S00020BJ RAA306012 3 相智能栅极驱动器解决方案入门套件 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMA170S00020BJ 适用于RA家族RA6T1系列的电机控制评估系统 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMA330C00000BJ 用于 RA6T3 单片机组的 MCB-RA6T3 CPU 板 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMA330S00020BJ MCK-RA6T3 瑞萨适用于RA6T3 MCU群组的灵活电机控制套件 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMA430C00000BJ 用于 RA4T1 单片机组的 MCB-RA4T1 CPU 板 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMA430S00020BJ MCK-RA4T1 瑞萨适用于RA4T1 MCU群组的灵活电机控制套件 入门 Renesas
RTK0EML2J0S00020BJ RAJ306102 通用电机控制 IC 解决方案入门套件 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMX270S00020BJ Evaluation System for BLDC Motor 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMX270S01020BJ Evaluation System for Stepping Motor with Resolver 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMXAH0S00020BJ RAJ306101 通用电机控制 IC 解决方案入门套件 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMXE30C00000BJ MCB-RX26T Type C / CPU Board for RX26T MCU Group 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMXE70C00000BJ MCB-RX26T Type A / RX26T MCU产品群的CPU板 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMXE70C01000BJ MCB-RX26T Type B / CPU Board for RX26T MCU Group with Trusted Secure IP (TSIP-Lite) 入门 Renesas
RTK0EMXE70S00020BJ MCK-RX26T 瑞萨适用于RX26T MCU产品群的灵活电机控制套件 入门 Renesas